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The manure spreaders we carry are produced by Millcreek and are great for small farms with only a few horses.

Don't forget boots to keep your feet clean.

Stainless steel spreader

World’s Only
Compact Horse Manure Spreader!

Stainless spreader brochure here
Stainless steel spreader

This is the first family to own a Millcreek Stainless Steel spreader...ever! The stainless spreader was debuted at the 2014 World Horse Expo in Harrisburg and was met with overwhelming approval. The stainless steel spreader comes with a lifetime warranty against rust through and a 3 year mechanical warranty. It is the newest addition to the Millcreek line.

57G spreader boots to keep your feet clean

Spreaders are ground driven that can be pulled by an ATVor pto drive requiring a small tractor.

Additional Literature
Various Spreader sizes available.

Arena groomers may be available built by Millcreek or other manufacturer.

PTO spreader
Arena groomer 27 G Spreader


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