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We carry a complete line of Farmco feeders and wagons.
Belmont made trailers also in stock.

Round horse feeder

Horse feeders for round or square bales. Various height and lengths of standing feeders. Good for grain too. Short legs for small animals like sheep, goats or miniature horses.

Feeder Literature

Covered feeder info

832L feeder
Short leg feeder Sheep feeder

200 series

Wheeled feeders are great for when your feed is a distance from the animals.

Various headlocks available.

Round bale and fenceline feeder as well as standing styles.

Additional Literature

400 series
Stand Bale Feeder Round bale feeder
Fence line Feeder Feeder with head locks

Hay Wagon

Hay wagons with wood or metal mesh floors. Varoius weight chassis. Wagons to haul round bales.


Dump trailer

Belmont trailers are available in several configurations. Dump on the left and a flat bed tilt loading trailer on the right.

Additional Literature

Flat trailer


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