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Meeting location:
129 Morris Tpk.
3rd floor
Newton NJ 07860

Meeting Time: 7:30. Meetings held on the 4th Monday of each month.

Ground breaking news!
The Sussex County Fairgrounds will soon house a permanent Sussex County Farmers Market. Now Buying Fresh/Buying Local will be easier than ever. Slated to open August 15th the market will bring Sussex County's best produce and products to Sussex County's best out door venue...the Sussex County Fairgrounds. Farmers contact Donna Traylor for details on participating, shoppers...stay tuned!

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    Solar electric is added to the Brodhecker Farm harvest.

    Solar electric panels- 430 to be precise- will add to the farm’s harvest this year. Long before the last frost left the ground, the system began harvesting the sun's rays and converting them to usable energy.

    Installed earlier this year, the solar arrays sit atop two of the farm’s buildings producing energy in quantities sufficient to meet the farm’s needs -and give back to the community. The solar panel installation is one element of a larger plan toward energy efficiency and environmental consciousness.

    “After evaluating the cost and savings as well as the benefit to the farm and community, we made the decision to install the solar array.” Phil Brodhecker, manager of Brodhecker Farm stated. “The farm uses considerable energy to power the lights, electric fencing for our cattle and sheep and the equipment and shops necessary to run the farm. Through partnership funding from Federal and State grants, we were able to install a system that supplies the farm’s needs. Surplus energy is returned and will help supply the needs of the community. It was a long process, but already worth it.”

    Celebrating 40 years of agricultural productivity and sustainability, Brodhecker Farm in Hampton is recognized by many as a state licensed manufacturer of quality livestock feed and distributor of farm equipment and supplies. As NJ’s agricultural picture changes, Brodhecker Farm has adapted- successfully addressing the needs of small and large farm operations, livestock producers and more.

    Exploring innovations and technologies which facilitate “greener” operations, has become part of the overall management plan, which addresses productivity, profitability and progress.

    In 2008, the Brodheckers incorporated a no Till planter into their corn production. The planter has increased productivity, reduced fuel consumption and minimized soil disturbance. No Till means less disruption to the biodiversity-worms and microbial activity-necessary to healthy soil. It also means less soil erosion-a major concern to sustainability.

    Plans to install geothermal heating and cooling systems to the farm are currently underway. Previous environmental improvements have resulted in cleaner water as run off from the cattle feed lot area is filtered before reaching the water basin.

    Farmers, like the Brodhecker family, have a passion for agriculture and a dedication to preserving the environment that sustains their operation. As one of Sussex County’s largest commercial farm operations, Brodhecker Farm has taken a leadership role in embracing technology that improves the environment.

    Striking a balance that results in environmentally friendly operations and continued profitability is a goal for all agriculturalists.

    The Sussex County Board of Agriculture congratulates the Brodheckers on their 40+ years of operation and their steps toward a healthier planet.
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