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Generations of experience:

For over forty years three generations of the Brodhecker family have been a part of the agriculture community in Sussex County New Jersey. While farming their own 160 acres and an additional 300 acres the family has been active in many agricultural organizations on both the County and State level. Phil Brodhecker was named NJ Outstanding Young Farmer of 2004 and has degrees in Animal Husbandry from SUNY Cobelskill, NY and Ag Economics from Kansas State University. This collective knowledge and experience reflects in the quality of product produced and sold at the farm.

We are green:

Over the past several years we have been planning and implementing our farm practices to go easy on the earth. The most visible example is the solar panels installed on two of our barns. This generates 100% of the electricity we use during the year. See our current production here. Other items include more fuel efficient tractors combined with no till planting that decreases the amount of fuel burned per bushel of corn we harvest.

family sign
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Whether you need a tractor and implements to establish or maintain you property, shelter for your equipment or livestock, fencing supplies, waterers feed, hay or straw, you can rely on the quality of product you find at Brodhecker Farm. The companies we represent are chosen for their reliability, value and quality products.


At Brodhecker Farm we understand that time and money must be well spent which is why we carry a wide line of supplemental products such as wood shavings, stall freshener, salt and mineral blocks, wormers, stock tanks, dog food, chicken waterers and more. All supplemental products are items we use or directly support items produced by our farm.



Our Farm Fresh livestock feed is state licenced and mixed on the farm using locally grown products specifically formulated for the nurtitional and digestive needs of your animals. We mix a variety of feeds for beef, horses, chickens, sheep, lambs, pigs, goats and cows. Contact us about any special mixes you require for your livestock. Whole corn, oats, hay, straw and other feeds are also available. Mixed feed is bagged in convenient 50 lb and 100 lb bags. Ask about bulk purchases by the ton loaded directly on your wagon.

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